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At Roland Berger, foresight joins attention to detail, empathy connects with expertise and visions become reality. Our desks are just one of our many workplaces. Versatility is essential since we are always close to the action and not mere observers. We do all it takes to deliver the right solution.

To be successful, we need very special people. People who are as unique as they are versatile. Because as we know: It's character that creates impact!

Every person is unique. We are looking for strong personalities. If you know how to be true to yourself, you'll make a good consultant.

We develop innovative strategies as a team. We’re looking for ideas that are plausible and reliable – but above all that make sense.

Our solutions are more than just creative concepts. We create sustainable success.


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The Pitch 2014

Aug 19, 2014

Olesya Ponorets: On the final step – looking forward to new horizons...

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